VIP Programme


Reap the benefits of the most rewarding VIP Programme on the iPoker network.

With special cash loyalty bonuses, the BoyleSports Poker VIP Programme aims to reward our regular players for their loyalty, no matter what the size of their bankroll. iPoints are now awarded to players who contribute to the pot and when you do earn, you'll earn more, as we have increased the number of points you receive from any pot you contribute to.

The details for each VIP level will be as follows:

iPoints Required
Monthly Reward
Diamond +
$25 reload bonus**
Entry Level


Cash $ USD dollar values will be converted to the players account currency.

VIP levels:

How does the BoyleSports Poker VIP Programme work?

It is very simple. All new players start on the Pearl level and accumulate BoyleSports Poker iPoints as they move up the ranks. Existing players will be assigned a new VIP level on January 1st.

As you play in cash games and tournaments, iPoints will be automatically added to your account. Once you meet the entry requirements for the next stage, you will be moved to a higher BoyleSports Poker VIP level and your rewards will be upgraded.

Please see Terms & Conditions for further info.

Points Accumulation:

For each one Dollar, Pound or Euro paid in rake or tournament fees, the points are as follows:

Rake Range, Level 1 - 10
USD $1
GBP £1
Euro €1

*Subject to change due to currency fluctuations

Reload Bonus Details

  • Pending Bonus dollars are released at the following rate:
    880 iPoints = €10 in bonus dollars.
  • iPoints can be cashed out in our poker lobby at the following rate:
    €1 = 1400 iPoints
  • *For the purposes of this promotion, the first "sportsbook to poker" transfer will trigger the reload bonus, which will be matched based on your first transfer up to $25.
  • **VIP bonus for players on Ruby Level is released at the following rate:
    2000 iPoints = $25 in bonus dollars.
  • 2816 iPoints = €25 in bonus dollars.
  • 3448 iPoints = £25 in bonus dollars.

Normal BoyleSports Poker Terms & Conditions apply

Terms & Conditions

  1. We reserve the right to reclaim iPoints already accrued and any monies gained from redeemed iPoints if customers are found to be tampering with or abusing any aspect of this Promotion, as solely determined by BoyleSports Poker. In such instances, BoyleSports Poker will terminate the player's eligibility to participate in the Promotion.
  2. While BoyleSports Poker protects all personal data entrusted to us, we reserve the right to use first names and aliases/nicknames in any BoyleSports Poker announcement about promotion results.
  3. BoyleSports Poker reserve the right to raise a customer's VIP level at any time.
  4. Employees, officers and directors of BoyleSports Poker, its promotional or other agencies, licensees and licensors, service providers and any other associated or affiliated companies shall not be eligible for the Promotion. The same terms shall apply to the direct families of such persons.
  5. Only the original account holder is granted iPoints and monies gained from redeemed iPoints, no transference is allowed. Any account that violates this term will be void and any iPoints accrued and monies gained from redeemed iPoints removed.
  6. BoyleSports Poker reserves the right to cancel, reclaim or refuse this Promotion at its own discretion. BoyleSports Poker further reserves the right to alter both the amount and methodology for earning points at any time.
  7. By participating in this Promotion, you agree to be bound by these rules and to the decisions of BoyleSports Poker, whose decisions are final and binding in all respects.
  8. The points are cashed out at a rate of 1400 points = €1. Bouus dollar value will be converted to the players account currency.
  9. The points cannot be cashed out until all pending bonus dollars have been cleared.
  10. Bouus dollar value will be converted to the players account currency.
  11. VIP Programme Cash $ USD dollar values will be converted to the players account currency.
  12. The offer is available to genuine players only, genuine players being ones that are active/participating in games with the intention of winning pots. Any players who attempt to abuse the offer by contributing only the small/big blinds with no intention to actively participate in games will forfeit the right to claim iPoints.
  13. VIP levels will be changed on the first day of each month.
  14. Real money bonuses will be applied within the first five working days of each calendar month.
  15. Players are eligible for their first poker VIP level upgrade after playing for one whole calendar month. For example, a player who signs up with BoyleSports Poker on August the 19th will only be eligible for an upgrade on October 1st.
  16. People found to be playing minimum stakes in order to gather iPoints will automatically be removed from the VIP scheme.
  17. Players who register on BoyleSports through our affiliate partners may not be eligible for this VIP scheme.

Important note:

Please note that your VIP level is determined on a weighted average over the last 2 months
Your VIP level for December will be assigned through this calculation:
100% of the VIP Club Points accumulated in November
30% of the VIP Club Points accumulated in October

Here is an example:
You accumulated: 30,000 VIP Club Points in November
You accumulated: 20,000 VIP Club Points in October
1 * 30,000 + 0.3 * 20,000 = 36 000 VIP Club points
This would result in you being upgraded to the to the Diamond level in December

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