1K Added Deepstack

€1,000 Added Friday Deepstack


Why not check out our flagship tournament, the “Friday €1,000 Added Deepstack Event”.


BoyleSports Poker are adding an additional €1,000 to the prize pool of this re-entry tournament which takes place at 9pm every Friday night.

There is a 5k starting stack and 12 minute blind levels ensuring that there is both plenty of play and plenty to play for!

Event details

Name: Friday Night €1,000 Added Deepstack
Game: No Limit Hold’em
Type: Re-Entry (1 x Re-Entry Available)
Start time: 9pm
Buy-in: €20
Prize: €1,000 ADDED to the Prize Pool
Starting Chips: 5,000
Blind levels: 12 Minutes
Late Reg: End of Level 10

Terms & Conditions

  1. All decisions by BoyleSports Poker are final.
  2. BoyleSports Poker reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions at any time.
  3. Normal BoyleSports Poker Terms & Conditions apply
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  • €1,000 Added Deepstack
    €1,000 Added to the prize pool of this tournament which takes place at 9pm every Friday night.
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