iPOPS is Back!

The iPOPS iPoker's Online Poker Series are back for their sixth outing. The iPOPS VI tournaments will take place from Sunday 13th to Sunday 20th April & Sunday 4th to Sunday 11th May 2014.

The iPOPS VI Series is GUARANTEEING €1 MILLION in prize pools!

You can find full Main Event & Satellite details available within the Boylepoker lobby under the 'iPOPS VI Low Events' & 'iPOPS VI High Events' tabs

Register now for one of our many Satellites and you could be sharing in the €1 MILLION GUARANTEED Prize Pools!

IPO Tour 2014

The International Poker Open is gearing up for 2014 with five stops across Ireland and the UK!

The IPO Tour 2014 will stop at Galway, London, Killarney, Newcastle, and then make it's way back to Dublin!

The IPO Tour 2014 dates are as follows:

IPO Galway 5th - 9th February 2014

IPO London 10th - 14th April 2014

IPO Killarney 19th - 23rd June 2014

IPO Newcastle 21st - 24th August 2014

IPO Dublin 16th - 20th October 2014

John O'Shea Wins IPO Galway!


Boylepoker Pro John O'Shea Wins International Poker Open Galway 2014

The International Poker Open (IPO) returned to Galway this week for the first of five stops of a brand new tour, welcoming 606 ebullient players into the lavish Radisson Blu Hotel for another week of poker fun and frolics.

Following a quickfire final table it was sponsored pro John O’Shea who remained last man sitting; the 29-year old online pro defeated Geoff Healy heads-up to capture the spoils and all-important bragging rights.

Amid the field were a plethora of familiar faces including Andy Black, Fintan Gavin and Niall Smyth, as well as two behemoths from the sporting world: former Irish rugby international Reggie Corrigan and super bantamweight boxer Bernard Dunne.

The money bubble was a nerve-jangling affair but it was Mark Strahan who eventually felt its splash. He moved all in with A-Q but came a cropper against A-K. Nevertheless, he was awarded a consolidatory prize: free entry into a future IPO Main Event.

The final table was tougher than a two-dollar steak with O’Shea holding an overwhelming chip lead. Brendan Byrne led the chasing pack:

Seat 1: Brendan Byrne (Ireland) — 2,480,000
Seat 2: Yutaka Mitsuishi (Ireland) — 1,505,000
Seat 3: Paulius Venckauskas (Lithuania) — 1,125,000
Seat 4: John O’Shea (Ireland) — 8,530,000
Seat 5: Petras Stulpinas (Lithuania) — 980,000
Seat 6: Damien Feeney (Ireland) — 1,105,000
Seat 7: Patrick Humphreys (Ireland) — 1,625,000
Seat 8: Geoff Healy (Ireland) — 705,000

Initial proceedings were chaotic as the rail witnessed eight all-ins and eight consecutive double-ups, and it wasn’t until Yutaka Mitsuishi was eliminated by John O’Shea that the pattern was interrupted.

Next to hit the deck was Paulius Venckauskas, one of two Lithuanians to have made the final. He lost out to Damien Feeney when nines failed to unravel jacks on an uneventful board.

Brendan Bryne took sixth (Q-8 vs. A-K), followed by Patrick Humphreys in fifth (A-8 vs. Q-Q) and Petras Stulpinas in fourth (5-5 vs. A-J) to leave three players fighting it out for that top spot on the podium.

When O’Shea dispatched of Feeney with T-3 versus 7-6s we were down to our final two poker warrior with O’Shea boasting a commanding 5:1 chip lead and just one hand away from victory.

Geoff Healy, however, had other ideas, and mounted an impressive comeback that would have made Rocky look like a quitter, doubling up three times to snatch the lead off O’Shea for the first time in the day.

But, alas, it wasn’t to be, and at 19:20 the final hand of the tournament saw Healy’s 4c-4h come unstuck against Td-Ts. The 7d-2c-3d flop provided no assistance and by the Tc turn it was all over. O’Shea was the Champ.

During heads-up the players had agreed to play for 10 percent and chop the rest, meaning O’Shea received a comedy cheque for €21,780, as well as a bonus €5,000 as part of Boyle Poker’s 20% added money promotion. Feeney similarly prospered, netting an extra €1,850.

IPO Galway was a roaring success with both pros and amateurs alike taking to the poker table. The bar was equally busy with ‘Mad’ Marty organising pool tournaments and giving away prizes in his celebrated game ‘Win With Wilson’.

But the fun doesn’t end there as the IPO will be travelling across the sea to London from April 10-14 for yet more poker festivities. Makes sure you keep an eye on the website in the coming weeks for all the details.

The final table payouts were:

1: John O'Shea -- €21,780
2: Geoff Healy -- €17,820
3: Damien Feeney -- €9,250
4: Petras Stulpinas -- €6,500
5: Patrick Humphreys -- €5,000
6: Brendan Byrne -- €4,000
7: Paulius Venckauskas -- €3,250
8: Yutaka Mitsuishi -- €2,600

Live Event Satellites

Qualify for Live Event Tournaments with Boylepoker! offer Live Event Satellites to some of the world’s top tournaments including local Irish, UK, European and International events.

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Twister SNG's

Twister is a Sit 'N' Go 3-Handed Turbo Tournament with its prize randomly determined and shown to the players after the tournament starts. The prize can be in the range of 2 to 1,000 tournament buy-ins and is given to the player who wins the tournament.

Twister buy-in's range from $1 to $10 and the randomly selected prizes can run from $2 to $10,000!

After the tournament starts and the players are seated at the table, before the first hand is dealt, the 'Wheel of Fortune' will display the randomly selected prize the player will now be playing for.

Hu & Shootouts!

We are delighted to announce that Boylepoker software now hosts 'Heads-Up' and 'Shootout' Tournaments!

Like the Wild West, only the toughest will survive in these new action packed tournament types. Both the HU (Heads Up) and Shootout tournaments will be availiable as Sit N Go and Multi-Table Tournaments.

These Tournaments are available within the Boylepoker lobby under the ‘Scheduled’ tab.

So saddle up and register for one of our new tournament types!

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